Clara Oswald ~ Robot of Sherwood 

Having family over to visit is a very social occasion.

There’s a bit more to modern soldiering than just shooting people. I like to think there’s a moral dimension.


The Power of Three (dorks)

I don’t remember seeing this before…but omg in the corner of the mirror, theres a picture of the three of them smiling.

Levels of Tumblr.


1 follower = Tumblr Newbie.

10-40 followers = Tumblr Beginner.

50-99 followers = Tumblr User

100-349 followers = Blogger

350-500 followers = Dedicated Blogger.

501-799 followers =  Tumblr Expert.

800- 4,999 followers = Tumblr Popular.

5000+ followers =Tumblr famous. 

These are the legit numbers.