"I remember thinking how fantastic it would be if I actually got the part and how great it would be to work with Matt,"  "And that’s exactly what happened!-Jenna Coleman(x)
Hi, I love your blog and only now I noticed that you are not the biggest fan of Rose. I'm not as well, and I have few questions for you (if you are so kind to answer and I hope I'm not stealing your time): Do you ship her with anyone or not, do you like Martha not being very jealous on Donna and do you like Martha at all?Bye, and be even more amazing!

You’re not stealing my time at all :) Anyway; to answer your questions: 

I used to ship her with Mickey, until she began being so awful to him. 

(I’m sleep deprived atm so i stared dumbly at the 2nd question for a while) I actually think Martha if was slightly jealous of Donna at first (with good reason) she handled it extremely well, rather than acting like Rose did to Sarah Jane. 

And for the last one: I absolutely love Martha, she comes second after Donna for me. 

Have a nice evening :)



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